Transform your Network with Updated Solutions and a New Operating System

The newest generation of Hirchmann devices is here – and they’re now operating on the state-of-the-art Hirschmann Operating System (HiOS).

Have a legacy solution that you need to update? You’re in good hands – the next-gen devices are direct drop-in replacements, and are ready to help you connect your industrial environment.

Your Guide to Transitioning
to the New Switches

Belden Product Manager, Mark Cooksley shares the details of the transition from classic to next-gen Hirschmann solutions, and what to expect.

About HiOS

Hirschmann Operating System – aka HiOS – is a single system that runs on a range of hardware, from DIN rail edge switches to backbone routers, and enables consistent functionality in an ideal user interface. HiOS supports office and industrial protocols, helping to connect IT and OT networks. HiOS is future-proof, thanks to free software updates and a brand-agnostic, built-in OPC UA server that enables communication between all levels of automation. Other features include:

  • Enhanced security: Build a secure network foundation with HiOS’ comprehensive functionality

  • Redundancy: HiOS features multiple technologies to match industrial network topologies, including MRP, MSTP, PRP, HSR, DLR, and VRRP

  • Real-time connectivity: HiOS features free, embedded, and easily set-up TSN functionality – no special hardware or software required.

Test-drive HiOS!

Want to see how HiOS works? Try it out by connecting to a BOBCAT BRS switch from a PC, tablet, or phone:


User: user

Password: public

Please note for your demo:

  • The HTTPS certificate is self-signed by Hirschmann and will generate a warning in your browser.

  • The access is read-only. The Set and Save options will be disabled or invisible.

  • The user account does not allow access to some security screens.

Easily Upgrade to the Next Generation of Managed Switches

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